Can a Pterygium | Carnosidad Grow Back After Removal?

Pterygium, also known as “surfer’s eye,” is a non-cancerous thickening of the outer coating (conjunctiva) of the eye that grows onto the cornea. Normally the conjunctiva is a thin clear membrane over the ‘whites’ of the eye (sclera) and extends to the inner surface of the eyelids.

In most cases, pterygium must be surgically removed to relieve discomfort and restore the cosmetic appearance to the eye. Pterygium removal is a safe procedure and can be performed in our state-of-the-art office surgical suite.

How can you lower the chance of recurrence or regrowth?

The best way to lower the chance of recurrence or regrowth of a pterygium is to ensure you choose the best surgeon based on his or her experience and one that specializes in that procedure, has developed and continually improving a surgical technique, and has performed a large volume or large number of surgeries. When surgeons perform certain procedures with regularity and they specialize in those procedures, they continually improve and perfect their technique and are better equipped to deal with any complication.

Why Pterygium | Carnosidad Regrowth Occurs

Recurrence rates vary widely among current studies on pterygium regrowth. While some studies have reported rates as high as almost 40 percent, others report rates as low as 5 percent. Other studies have found that recurrence is higher among individuals who had their pterygium removed during the summer months, possibly because overexposure to the sun has been linked to pterygium development. Wearing polarized sunglasses is a must. Other factors that can increase the risk of recurrence include dusty and windy conditions.

One of the Lowest Documented Recurrence Rates in the World – The EyeWhite Institute at Visionary Eye Doctors

Dr. J. Alberto Martinez, Founder of Visionary Eye Doctors and one of the most sought after Pterygium surgeons in the world, has many years of collective experience, training and has developed The ASAP™ (Advanced Sutureless Amniotic Membrane Pterygiectomy procedure – providing a superior cosmetic outcome. Dr. Martinez, founder of The EyeWhite Pterygium and Pinguecula Research Institute has conducted numerous clinical research studies and has published in prestigious ophthalmology journals. He is on the cutting edge of the latest and most advanced surgical methods to reduce the possibility of recurrence, including using a special no stich, amniotic membrane technique.

Studies have shown this technique can lower pterygium recurrence rate to less than 5 percent. Dr. Martinez has one of the lowest recurrence rates in the world – less than 0.1%. Following your procedure, our team will schedule follow-up appointments with you to monitor your progress. We will also make recommendations on medications or steps you can take to minimize the chances of recurrence.

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